Ctx 3030 vs xp deus

Deus l’emporte hautCTX VS DEUS: Profondeur en milieu propre43 messagesavr. Garrett ATX OU Minelab CTX 303018 messagesjanv. MINELAB CTX 30(nouveau) – 50 messagesjuin 2012XP DEUS OU MINELAB E-TRAC ?

Index du forum › Les détecteurs › MinelabEn cachePages similairesnov. Si tu devais faire le choix entre le Deus et le CTX30tu choisirais lequel? Depending on the size and position of the nails, many machines including the CTX will hear good targets.

Episode – XP Deus vs CTX 30in nail-infested Civil War site.

I use the CTX30on a hotspot where the Deus scored coins in day before. Ok everyone I know this was asked before but I need some feedback from everyone on which one would be he best choice if I upgrade from an . Watch the video: two super detectors are facing a simple task of seeing a silver coin laying between two nails. At first I was looking at the V3i vs 303 but now I’m also. My son can still sweep same area a lot faster with his Deus than I can with CTX, but . CTX 30VS XP DEUS8 messagesjuin 2016CTX303 E-TRAC Or XP Deus – which one to get?

Anyone that has a Deus try the CTX 30yet. En cachePages similairesTraduire cette pagejuin 20- 15 messages – ‎auteursAnyone that has a Deus try the CTX 30yet. I was set on the XP Deus until I started hearing reports on the CTX 3030.

I have already saved enough to buy one or the other, so for this decision, money is not an issue for . Now that I have had the Minelab CTX30for few weeks, I can honestly say it is. Some of my friends have asked me is it better than the XP Deus or any of my other. CTX and I was finding targets at to 12inches, . Un test vidéo du détecteur XP DEUS face à d’autres détecteurs de métaux. Minelab CTX 303 DeepTech Vista SMART, Blistool LTC64X V . For cherry picking out of manicured yards: Etrac gets the . First up, the detector on the right, the XP DEUS. The CTX 30processes two or three frequencies simultaneously, comparing the.

Looking at the CTX 30or Deus for my next machine. Southeast Dealer for XP DEUS DetectorPro, Fisher and Tesoro Metal Detectors. I have in min the Deus or the CTX3030. Posts: 4233; XP Deus, Fisher FLTD DST and Bar.

The DEUS on the other hand isnt as deep as the CTX but has no problems with air between the coil and the soil. Minelab CTX 3030XP DEUS ModelCTX 3030DEUS BrandMinelabXPlorer. CTX 30was only a small notch for small nails.